Clay County Government: Clay County North Carolina 33 Main Street, Hayesville, NC 28904
Clay County, NC

Government Services

Clay County Economic Development Commission

Department of Economic Development

Phone: 828-389-1016
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Code Enforcement

Clay County Building Department

The purpose of the Clay County Building Department is to promote the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Clay County, to work with developers and contractors in achieving code and ordinance compliance.
Phone: 828-389-0274
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Fire Marshall

Phone: 828-389-0545
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Clay County Flood Plain Management

Phone: 828-389-0274
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County Offices

Board of Elections

Phone: 828-389-6812
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Cooperative Extension Service

The Cooperative Extension Service provides informal educational opportunities to empower families, individuals and communities to solve problems.
Phone: 828-389-6305
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Finance Office

Phone: 828-389-0089
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The Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds maintains all records and keeps them accessible to the public.
Phone: 828-389-0087
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Clay County Manager

Phone: 828-389-0089
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Clay County Transportation

Clay County Transportation's mission is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable transportation to all citizens of Clay County.
Phone: 828-389-0644
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Health and Human Services

Clay County Department of Social Services

Phone: 828-389-6301
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Department of Public Health

The Clay County Department of Public Health offers services in Personal Health, Communicable Diseases, Specialty Clinics, Family Outreach Services, Laboratory Services and Environmental Health.
Phone: 828-389-8052
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Veterans Office

Phone: 828-389-3355
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Public Safety

Clay County 911 Addressing

The Clay County Addressing Office provides a comprehensive and uniform system of permanent road addresses for all residences and businesses throughout the County in order to facilitate provision of adequate public safety and emergency response services.
Phone: 828-389-9485
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Clay County Detention Center

Phone: 828-389-8207
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Clay County Dispatch

Phone: 828-389-2260
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Clay County Emergency Medical Services

Phone: 828-389-9640
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Sheriff's Office

Phone: 828-389-6354
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Public Works

Clay County Water and Sewer District

Phone: 828-389-1361
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Solid Waste

Phone: 828-389-9133
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Recreation Campground

Phone: 828-389-3532
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Recreation Parks

Phone: 828-389-0368
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Senior Center

Phone: 828-389-9271
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Tax Assessor

Phone: 828-389-1266
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Tax Collector

The Clay County Tax Collector's Office is responsible for the timely collection and distribution of real and personal property taxes within the county.
Phone: 828-389-1266
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Tax Mapping

The job of the Tax Mapping Office is to help the assessor locate and properly assess property within the county and update property lines when needed. Select here for online mapping.
Phone: 828-389-1265
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A Message from

Ed Roach

"As Clay County Commissioners, we are humbled to have been chosen to serve our county. We bring fresh perspectives, common-sense leadership, and a unified commitment to educational excellence, recreational opportunities for all ages, and sound, fiscally responsible economic development.

We are blessed to live in a beautiful area with abundant natural resources. As we look ahead, we realize our greatest resource is our people. Join us as we work to serve the interests of our citizens across the county, from the unborn to the aged. Together, we will protect and promote the best quality of life for everyone fortunate enough to call Clay County home."

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Hayesville, NC 28904
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