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The Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds maintains all records and keeps them accessible to the public, and also issues Marriage Licenses, certified Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, and delayed Birth and Marriage Certificates. Copies of records are available for a fee while you wait. The Register of Deeds also:
  • Record Deeds, Contracts, Leases, Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, Assumed Names, Maps and Plats, Marriage Settlements, Power of Attorney, Bankruptcy Order, Inheritance Tax Waiver Judgments, UCCs, Cancellations of Deeds of Trust, Military Discharge and other miscellaneous recordings.
  • Collects money for Revenue Stamps places on Deeds that are being recorded.

Register of Deeds
261 Courthouse Drive
Hayesville, NC 28904
Phone: 828-389-0087
Fax: 828-389-1261

Contact Person:
Phillis Maney

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Ed Roach

"As Clay County Commissioners, we are humbled to have been chosen to serve our county. We bring fresh perspectives, common-sense leadership, and a unified commitment to educational excellence, recreational opportunities for all ages, and sound, fiscally responsible economic development.

We are blessed to live in a beautiful area with abundant natural resources. As we look ahead, we realize our greatest resource is our people. Join us as we work to serve the interests of our citizens across the county, from the unborn to the aged. Together, we will protect and promote the best quality of life for everyone fortunate enough to call Clay County home."

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