Clay County Government: Clay County North Carolina 33 Main Street, Hayesville, NC 28904
Clay County, NC

Board of Elections

Clay County Board of Elections
54 Church Street
Hayesville, NC 28904
Fax: 828-389-3757
Contact Person: Julie Hall
Bill Brooks, Chairman
Jerry Anderson, Secretary
Forrest Wheeler, Board Member
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The Clay County Board of Elections serves the public through:
  1. VOTER REGISTRATION. Voter registration applications may be obtained at the office at 54 Church Street, by calling 828-389-6812 or the State Board of Elections website above.
  2. ELECTION DAY FUNCTIONS. Voters may call 828-389-6812 or 828-389-4217 for information on the following subjects:
    • Absentee voting.
    • Registration deadlines.
    • Challenges and complaints.
    • Precinct polling locations.
    • All other questions related to elections.
  3. PUBLIC AWARENESS AND VOTING MACHINE TRAINING. Any organization, club, groups or individual may make an appointment for an educational class on understanding how to vote on a voting machine. Available times include weekdays and weeknights. Please call at least seven (7) days in advance at 828-389-6812. Voting machines may be brought to your location for large group requests. Call 828-389-6812 for Registration Drive materials and guidance.
  4. DATA ACCESS. Election results, laws, voter lists, sample ballots and all other public information for Clay County may be obtained at the Clay County Board of Electionsí Office. All requests are filled as soon as possible, but the law allows up to thirty (30) days to fill a request. Please give ample notice on large orders. Requests by phone are accepted. All data is accessible on paper and some data may be provided on CDs. Cost of materials varies. Call 828-389-6812 for more details. Walk-ins are welcome.

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A Message from

Doc Sellers
Commission Chair
"It is a great privilege and honor to be the voice of Clay County. As elected officials we are guided and directed by our local citizens from all walks of life. Our goal is to implement a proactive plan for the economic and environmental betterment of our county. Our board of Commissioners works diligently to preserve our heritage and also promote sustainable quality of life for our citizens. We realize that for these concepts to work we must remain partners and work as people helping people."

Contact Clay County

P.O. Box 118
33 Main Street,
Hayesville, NC 28904
Phone: 828-389-0089
Fax: 828-389-9749
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