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Mr. Dwight Penland

Mr. Dwight Penland

Clay County Commissioner

(828) 644-3764


PO Box 118

Hayesville, NC 28904

Commissioner Dwight Penland is a long-time resident of Clay County.  He was elected in November 2018 but is a seasoned commissioner having served in this role for three previous terms.


Mr. Penland owns and operates his own business in Clay County. He is an active citizen in the community and continuously supports the initiation of infrastructure projects in the county that will lead to more and better jobs for its citizens.

He is also a strong proponent for maintaining the Appalachian heritage of Clay County, but at the same time recognizes that in this digital age, all of its citizens should have an equal opportunity to grow and develop through better access to high quality internet and broadband. He has two children Jarrod and Jadrian and lives with his wife, Sissie.


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