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Clay County Board of Commissioners Unanimously Approve Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Budget Ordinance

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

On Monday, June 15, 2020 Clay County Commissioners unanimously approved the FY 2020-2021 Budget. The budget is balanced in accordance with the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act with general fund revenues and expenditures each totaling $20,030,789.18. The tax rate remains unchanged at .43 mils per $100 of value.

As a result of previously implemented sound fiscal controls and strong budgetary policies, Commissioners were able to approve a budget which meets the needs of the county while minimizing the tax burden on the citizens.

Highlights of the budget include the following:

-$1,644,799.00 dollars allocated to the Clay County Board of Education. This is an increase in $94,799.00 from FY19/20 and a $273,790.00 increase from FY18/19.

-Debt service reduced from $2,151,580.00 in FY19/20 to $2,089,274.00, a decrease of $62,306.00.

-Cost of Living Adjustment for all Clay County Employees in the amount of 3.0% and an increase in retirement contributions from 9.02% to 10.23%. These increases show Leadership’s ongoing commitment to the retention and recruitment of superior employees to serve our citizens.

-$2,932,972.73 allocated to the Sheriff’s Office, an increase of $134,963.73 from FY19/20 with an additional $100,000.00 allocated to the department for capital improvements resulting in a net increase in appropriations of $234,963.73 from last year. This represents an 8.4% increase and shows our continued commitment to public safety!

Of additional note, from our first budget in 2015/2016 to current, BOCs have increased appropriations to the Sheriff’s Department by $905,160.04 or 42%.

During the upcoming fiscal year, Clay County will continue to aggressively pursue grants for capital projects and program costs to help keep local tax dollars to a minimum. Since October of 2019 we have received $486,381.60 in grant awards with another $5.3M in awards pending. This includes the potential award of $4.8M for a new 911 Facility.

This fiscal year, we will see the completion of our state of the art, age appropriate Primary School and Clay County Sports Complex.

Currently, renovations have begun on our Senior Center. This year, additional emphasis will be placed on our aging population with upgraded facilities, enhanced meal delivery, and increased activities for seniors. This will include further development of our newly created Community Paramedic Program which will provide in home services, increasing access to care while decreasing costly and often unnecessary 911 calls and emergency room visits.

Replacing, updating and expanding critical infrastructure, such as broadband and water/sewer, will be a priority as we further develop our capital improvement plans and look to entice further economic development.

The Clay County Board of Commissioners is thankful for the opportunity to serve and will continue to provide fiscally responsible leadership for the citizens of Clay County.

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