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The Clay County Health and Human Services Agency received news Friday that they are a recipient of a $69,994.00 North Carolina School Safety Grant by the NC Public Instruction. “Only community partners of the school system could apply for the grant,” says Mauney. She said her Department made application for funds to provide a social worker to focus on the target population of students in crisis. Ms. Mauney explained that at DSS, the only funds that we receive in child welfare are for services that are directed to families that meet certain criteria. Currently, there is no one in place to work with those kids that don’t rise to the level of child protective services intervention. Mauney states, “This is an exciting opportunity for us to partner with the school system to link students and parents/guardians to services that is likely to assist in resolving concerns that lead to an increase in school safety.”

Those families that have children attending pre-school through twelfth grade, and those referred by the school system, will receive short-term prevention intervention through the school social worker position, will have respite services arranged for parents/guardians to prevent a crisis situation that would result in a student coming into foster care or other intensive or costly levels of care and will be offering training on the Community Resilience Model to improve understanding and response to trauma and significant stress.

County Commission Chairman Robert Penland stated, “This grant will help our students get the services that they need. And, in doing so, their chance to get a good quality education will be enhanced.” Commissioner Clay Logan also stated, “We are committed to doing everything within our means to provide a safe school for our children and grandchildren. This grant is one way the Commissioners are supporting safe schools in Clay County.”

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