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NCACC Legislative Goals Conference

Clay County, N.C. – Last week, Clay County Commissioner Clay Logan joined voting delegates from counties throughout the state to determine the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners’ (NCACC) legislative priorities for the 2019-2020 biennium session of the North Carolina General Assembly. Governor Roy Cooper delivered keynote remarks and thanked county commissioners for their commitment to public service.

Commissioner Logan said, “the most burning issue to come from this year’s conference was the importance of broadband to the unserved and under-served areas of the State, which is a problem in every county. We hope that the State will continue to budget for measures to resolve this issue, so that all of our citizens have an equal opportunity to benefit from the digital age.”

Kevin Austin, NCACC President Elect and Yadkin County Commissioner presided over the two-day Legislative Goals Conference, which was held January 10-11. Clay County sent Commissioner Clay Logan to serve as a voting delegate to the conference to debate, amend, offer new proposals and cast votes on the Association’s guiding principles and legislative priorities, which guide advocacy efforts at the General Assembly.

The conference is the final step in a comprehensive process, which gives each county a voice in shaping NCACC’s legislative agenda. NCACC President Elect Austin explained this inclusive approach. “Our process offers an opportunity for all our counties to participate. These goals come from counties all across the state and have been vetted by their boards before they come to the Association. It’s a grassroots effort, which involves all 100 counties,” President Elect Austin said.

County Manager, Mark Pullium, said, “Clay County is working hard to achieve the triple bottom line of becoming the investment destination of choice, the service provider of choice and the employer of choice. As we get closer to reaching our goals, our population is growing and we need to keep pace with other counties by offering better services and a higher standard of education. We are keen to pursue measures that will increase our revenue sources so that we can continue to improve our schools, health care and social services, all of which contribute to better life and work opportunities for our citizens.”

Below is the list of NCACC’s top five legislative goals for 2019-2020 as determined at the Legislative Goals Conference; visit to access the full list of goals for the biennium.

NCACC’s Top Five Priority Goals for 2019-2020

1) Seek legislation, funding, and other efforts to expand digital infrastructure/broadband capability to the unserved and under-served areas and residents of the state.

2) Seek additional revenue sources, including a statewide bond and lottery proceeds, to equitably address statewide public school and community college capital challenges.

3) Support efforts to preserve and expand the existing local revenue base of counties and authorize local option revenue sources already given to any other jurisdiction to all counties. Oppose efforts to divert to the state, fees or taxes currently allocated to the counties or to erode existing county revenue streams.

4) Support provision of state resources to ensure county ability to provide essential public health, behavioral health and social services, with specific consideration to the challenges of incarcerated persons, the continued county role in behavioral health governance, and programs addressing substance use disorder, throughout Medicaid transformation.

5) Seek legislation to repeal the statutory authority under N.C. Gen. Stat. 115C-431(c) that allows a local school board to file suit against a county board of commissioners over appropriations to the local board of education’s capital outlay fund.

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About the NCACC: The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) is the official voice of all 100 counties on issues being considered by the General Assembly, Congress and federal and state agencies. The Association provides expertise to counties in the areas of advocacy, research, risk management and education and leadership training.

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