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Review Progress of Hayesville Primary School Construction Site

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Release: IMMEDIATE Date: August 29, 2019

Contact: Mark Pullium Phone: 828-389-0089

On Friday, August 23, 2019 the joint building subcommittee consisting of Clay County two Clay County Commissioners, County Staff, two Clay County Board of Education Members, and their staff met to review the progress of Hayesville Primary School and the High School Sports Complex. During the meeting, the subcommittee reviewed draft plans for the new High School Baseball Field and Softball Field complex with Larry Lackey the designer for this project. As part of the meeting, plans are to let the bids for this project by the first of October, 2019.

Immediately following the joint discussions, the Chairman of the Clay County Board of Commissioners, Dr. Rob Peck, and County Manager, Mark Pullium, toured the job construction site for the Hayesville Primary School. Mr. Kelly Luther, Project Superintendent, of Wells and West, Inc. gave the tour of the job site and provided explanations of some of the details for the project. According to Mr. Luther, the project is on the targeted timeline and every effort is being made to stay on track. Further, Mr. Luther explained the objective of Wells and West, the general contractor for this project, is to get the building in the dry before the cold winter months arrive. By doing so, work can continue inside the building and give the project a much better chance of being done on time.

Hayesville’s Primary School will include some very nice amenities including a cafeteria, gymnasium, and playgrounds that are age appropriate for primary school students. Dr. Rob Peck, Chairman of the Clay County Board of Commissioners, complimented Wells and West, Inc. “for keeping the job site so neat and orderly.” During the tour, Mr. Luther indicated that all of the workers on this job are from the local area. Lastly, Dr. Rob Peck, Chairman, said, “We will work and are working diligently to complete this project on time and within budget. And, that part of doing that is visiting the job site to review how the work is progressing.”

For questions regarding this press release, please call or email Mark Pullium at (828) 389-0089 or

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